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Take this online training course if...

You need continuing education (CE) credits, continuing professional development (CPD) hours, or PDCs to maintain one of your certifications.

You need a self-directed online course that you can do on your own schedule and at your own pace.

You want to find something different (not the typical, often dry, lecture-based training). You want a hands-on and creative experience that encourages connection, reflection, and conversation.

You need to better understand Diversity & Inclusion or your multicultural and multigenerational colleagues (including intersectionality, unconscious bias, why diversity and inclusion are beneficial to your business, and how to integrate equity and justice into your workplace).

You want to learn about JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion) through a diverse and intercultural lens. Collectively, the five Smith Assemblers who co-created this workshop identify with a variety of demographics and characteristics. These include Female, Male, Latinx, Person Of Color, Indigenous, White, Heterosexual, LGBTQIA2S+, Neurotypical, Neurodivergent, Younger, Older, Religious, Atheist, Able-Bodied, Living With Invisible Disability, Citizen, and Immigrant.

You need an online inclusion training or team building experience for your hybrid/remote group or organization.

Registry of Approved Continuing Education (RACE) American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB)  Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC) L'Institut Canadien Des Ingénieurs  Pre-Approved for Continuing Professional Development by HRPA  Approved CPD by The Law Society of British Columbia  SHRM Recertification Provider

Smith Assembly is recognized by • American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB) RACE® to provide 2.5 Hours of Non-Medical Continuing Education (CE) Credit in jurisdictions that recognize RACE approval; • Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC) to provide 0.25 Continuing Education Units (CEU) or 2.5 Professional Development Hours (PDH); • Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) to offer 2.5 Category A Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Hours; • Law Society of British Columbia (LSBC) to provide 2.5 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Credits in Ethics & Professional Responsibility; and • Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) to offer 2.5 Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP®.

Client Testimonials


Kristy O’Leary, Decade Impact
❝ A new take on JEDI conversations. We were completely blown away by how good the workshop was. The experience definitely forced me to reframe my thoughts about pre-recorded content; it can be uniquely powerful and moving. The exercises went quite quickly... time flies when you're having fun I suppose! I will do more workshops with Smith Assembly! ❞


Ahran Lee, Facilitator and Multidisciplinary Artist
❝ The art making created a gentle space for connection which beautifully primed us to be more vulnerable and open with navigating JEDI conversations. Thank you for making this experience not feel like one of those "mandatory" jedi workshops. It felt real and vulnerable and fun! ❞


❝ A wonderful team building experience that encourages open mindedness without necessarily laying on guilt. I’m excited to share the activities and ideas with my kids. ❞


Tom Malone, VR Ulysses
❝ Smith Assembly made the concepts of JEDI feel approachable. The things I learned in their workshop helped me have more open and productive conversations afterwards. ❞


Heather Tarman, Infin8 Solutions
❝ As a seasoned diversity and inclusion consultant, I was impressed at how much new information I learned from the discussions with Smith Assembly. Their talented professionals are skilled at facilitating group discussions in meaningful ways that help all participants to grow. ❞


Rodrigo Condado, iLab
❝ This is a creative workshop that lets you understand different contexts and apply creative thinking to design solutions as many other communities do with their limited resources. ❞


Brianna Brown, Decade Impact
❝ Exceptional team building activity that got us out of our day to day work and into conversation with one another. Learning from innovators in Mexico, we learned about different cultural perspectives on inclusive design in an extremely approachable way. Creating a craft together broke down barriers and allowed us to have a very real and critical discussion about concepts related to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. ❞


Lisa Hemingway, iilo Creative Alliance
❝ [My favorite part of this online workshop was] the icebreaker. So eye-opening and got us all out of 'work' mode. Well done. : ) It was a lot of fun and we're all going to try to continue the D&I convo on slack. ❞


Adam Stoffel, Caravel Labs
❝ Really compelling way to both learn something new and having interesting conversations with teammates. Everyone enjoyed the activities and the content quite a bit. ❞


Libby McDonald, MIT D-Lab
❝ Smith Assembly's virtual workshop was powerful and moving in that it not only illustrated the capacity of co-design to change people's lives, but it cleverly incorporated design opportunities so that the viewers themselves could fully participate in the course with their heads, hearts, and hands. Ultimately, it affirmed my commitment as a development professional to incorporate user-generated design activities in my work and it inspired me to push the limits of virtual learning when working with students at MIT D-Lab. ❞

You'll Listen To Stories, Do A Hands-On Activity, & Reflect On JEDI

¡Bienvenidos a Oaxaca! Smith Assembly is honored to introduce you to Estrella and Enoc, two innovative community leaders from Oaxaca Mexico.

The Mexican state of Oaxaca is home to 18 different indigenous peoples (pre-Hispanic tribes). Enoc, his family, and his community are of Zapotec descent. Estrella identifies as Oaxacan. Through their work with their nonprofit organization OAXIN, they both collaborate closely with a number of indigenous communities. These include an Ikoot community in San Mateo del Mar, a Mixe community in Jaltepec de Candayoc, a Triqui community in Yosoyuxi Copala, and a Zapotec community in Santiago Suchilquitongo.

Join us to hear stories about their work and lives, do a hands-on activity they co-created for you, and reflect on Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (JEDI).

Benefits &
Learning Outcomes

  • Relax While Listening To Oaxacan Soundscape & Doing A Hands-On Activity To Open Your Mind

  • Activate Your Creativity To Open Your Heart

  • Demystify Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, & Justice By Clarifying Each Of The Concepts + The Relationships Between Them To Enrich Your Understanding

  • Recognize The Relative Privileges & Oppressions Of Intersectional Identity To Build Your Compassion

  • Learn Strategies + Techniques For Navigating Your Discomfort, Becoming A Better Ally, & Cultivating A Culture Of Accountability To Integrate JEDI Into Your Workplace

  • Engage With 2 Global Innovators To Strengthen Your Intercultural Competencies & Emotional Intelligence

  • Earn 2.5 Credits/Hours To Apply Towards Your • AAVSB RACE® CE, • EIC CEU or PDH, • HRPA CPD, • LSBC CPD, and/or • SHRM PDC Requirements

  • Receive An Optional Certificate & Badge From Smith Assembly To Celebrate Your Accomplishment

Workshop Details

  • Duration

    ~2.5 Hours *
    37 of 53 Lessons Required

  • Agenda

    1. Kickoff
    2. Icebreaker
    3. Hands-On Activity
    4. Reflection
    5. Closing

  • Co-Designed With

    Estrella Soto & Enoc Ramírez

  • Online Course

    Self-Directed *
    Virtually-Facilitated *
    Mostly Videos with Music

  • Accessibility Features

    Video Captions/Subtitles
    Presentation Voice Over
    Transcripts & Descriptions

2-Minute Sneak Peek

Video Clips From Kickoff Section Of Our Online Course

Choose Your Hands-On Activity During The Workshop

Grandpa’s Toys

Fantastic Creatures

Build Two Unique Toys Created By A Oaxacan Family
Create A Unique Creature Inspired By Oaxacan Alebrijes

Enoc Ramírez introduces you to two unique toys created by his family in Oaxaca Mexico. You and your team will listen to and share stories about your favorite childhood games while building a plastic spinner and paper airplane.

Estrella Soto introduces you to alebrijes from her culture in Oaxaca Mexico. You and your team will tap into your emotions and hone your creativity by creating and decorating unique fantastic creatures from colorful cardstock.

Arts-and-Crafts Supplies
You'll Need

Super Glue -or- Duct Tape
Thin Twine
2 Equal Size Bottle Caps
Awl To Punch Holes In Caps
1-2 Sheets Colored Paper

Arts-and-Crafts Supplies
You'll Need

1-2 Pieces Colored Cardstock -or- Thin Cardboard
Pencil -or- Pen
Print-Out Of A Pattern We Provide (-or- 1 Sheet Plain Paper, Laptop/Tablet, & Pattern)


Diversity & Inclusion training goes by many terms and/or abbreviations — D&I (Diversity and Inclusion), DEI (Diversity Equity Inclusion), EDI (Equity Diversity Inclusion), DEIB (Diversity Equity Inclusion Belonging), JEDI (Justice Equity Diversity Inclusion), and DEIJ (Diversity Equity Inclusion Justice) tend to be the most common.

The term JEDI felt right to us. We believe it’s important to simultaneously talk about equity and justice (not focus solely on diversity and inclusion). No term is perfect. JEDI, for example, is associated with a well-known cultural brand. They've had numerous challenges in all four topic areas (especially when some of the most hardcore members of their fan base are involved). Some people see that association and history as a disqualifier. However, we see concrete examples as a great resource when sharing information and supporting initial conversations about sensitive topics like JEDI. It's often easier to look at how diverse, inclusive, equitable, and just other organizations are (rather than your own employees, management, or business).

Topics Covered During JEDI Reflection

● Definitions Of JEDI Terms

● Relationships Between JEDI Terms

● 4 Stories About JEDI's Importance

● Workplace Integration
   (Co-Created With A SHRM-SCP)
   — Intersectionality
   — Bias
   — JEDI Can Feel Overwhelming
   — Why JEDI Is Relevant For Business
   — Team Building & Inclusion Training
   — Recommended Strategies
       • Navigating Discomfort
       • Introducing JEDI Into Your Org
       • Coaching Resistant Leaders
       • Becoming A Better Ally
       • Cultivating Accountability
   — JEDI Is Everyone’s Responsibility!
   — These Are Still Tough Times


More Client Testimonials


❝ It changes the way you think about common things! ❞


❝ [My favorite part of this online workshop was] is a hard question to answer. I honestly enjoyed all aspects and the way they fit together. [I'd describe it to someone else as] fun, relaxed, educational, participatory, interactive, and engaging. Thank you! ❞


❝ Fun, well put together, inspiring! ❞


❝ I liked the final discussion on breaking down JEDI as it applies to our work! It was a quick and non-threatening way to get concrete about how we can be more thoughtful about it in different facets of our work.❞


❝ Opportunity to learn about JEDI from a cross-cultural perspective! ❞


Elizabeth Cross Nichol, APIS Health Angels
❝ I really enjoyed the workshop, it inspired very good discussions during and afterwards. Liz and Ta have high emotional intelligence which makes their facilitation style respectful and particularly effective. ❞


❝ The discussion on JEDI was very inspirational. A very life-enriching experience. ❞


Sara Holt, DreamRider Productions
❝ It is a fun creative workshop designed to get your team into a collaborative space and open doorways to deep conversation on important change making topics that matter to the world. ❞


❝ Great experience, fun and engaging! ❞


❝ I really enjoyed engaging in building something and sharing that experience with my colleagues. It was time to create but also connect and learn more about each other. It was great! Glad I had the opportunity to participate in this workshop! ❞


Ta Corrales

Ta Corrales, an MIT-trained mechanical engineer from Heredia Costa Rica, co-founded Smith Assembly. In her role as an MIT D-Lab Innovation Practice Affiliate, Ta has led and facilitated participatory design processes in 20+ countries. Some of her most valuable leadership experience comes from working side-by-side with grassroots and community-based leaders in Latin America (including her family).
ta corrales of smith assembly

Liz Hunt

Liz Hunt has had a 25-year career at startups and companies like Google, Starbucks, and frog. Over the years, she’s led and grown amazing multidisciplinary teams around the world with whom she's designed, developed, and delivered a wide variety of cutting-edge products and programs. Liz co-founded Smith Assembly to show how inclusion empowers diverse thinking and produces more innovative solutions.
liz hunt of smith assembly

Revolutionize Employee Engagement In Your Workplace

Our diverse staff and global lens give you an opportunity to casually observe and practice a variety of intercultural communication, collaboration, and problem-solving techniques. During Smith Assembly's inclusion training and team building workshops, you'll also be introduced to a global innovator or case study. You'll hear stories about how they’re overcoming bias and discrimination to develop innovative and sustainable strategies for their communities.

Smith Assembly drives impact — we donate 5% of our revenue every year to community-led nonprofits fostering local innovation and participate in 1% for the Planet. We are also a Certified B Corporation™ and a Certified WBE (Women Business Enterprise).

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