Before Purchasing

  • How many hours is the workshop?

    Our "Hands-On Activity + JEDI Reflection Global Innovators' Stories" workshop can take anywhere from 1.5 - 3.5 hours to complete. That said, most individuals and small groups finish it in around 2.5 hours.

    It has five sections — Kickoff, Icebreaker, Hands-On Activity, Reflection, and Closing — but the middle three are where you'll spend the majority of your time. Our duration estimates are based off the assumptions that you'll watch all the videos at normal speed, do the hands-on activity in 30 minutes, listen to the voice overs at normal speed, and give yourself 10-15 minutes to contemplate/discuss each of the reflection topics.

    To qualify for certification, you'll need to actively engage in the workshop for at least 2.5 hours (only 30 minutes of which can be the hands-on activity).

  • What's a self-directed workshop?

    A self-directed workshop is a learning experience in which you decide when, and how slowly or quickly, to progress through its content and activities. Our workshop can be done in one sitting or spread over multiple days.

  • What's a virtually-facilitated workshop?

    A virtually-facilitated workshop is a learning experience in which someone guides you through its content and activities via previously-created digital mechanisms. In our workshop, this is done by a Smith Assembler through pre-recorded videos and voice overs.

  • What arts-and-crafts supplies will I need for the hands-on activity?

    You can do one or both of the activities, so gather all the following supplies ahead of time (or pre-choose your activity by whichever list seems most compelling or manageable).

    Grandpa's Toys
    • Marker
    • Scissors
    • Super Glue -or- Duct Tape
    • Thin Twine
    • 2 Equal Size Bottle Caps
    • Awl To Punch Holes In Caps
    • 1-2 Sheets Colored Paper

    Fantastic Creatures
    • 1-2 Pieces Colored Cardstock -or- Thin Cardboard
    • Pencil -or- Pen
    • Scissors
    • Print-Out Of A Pattern We Provide (-or- 1 Sheet Plain Paper, Laptop/Tablet, & Pattern)

    No worries if you don't have time to get all the items from either of the lists. *The minimum we ask is that you grab one sheet of paper.*

    You might be able to recycle some of the items (think empty cereal boxes, lids from large-mouth beverage bottles, shoe laces, or an old swiss army knife).

  • Can I do the workshop by myself?

    Absolutely. If you're the only participant, then when we say 'emcee' or 'team' we're talking to you. =) All sections of our workshop's agenda are relevant and engaging for a single participant, even the icebreaker and reflection. We also give you opportunities throughout the workshop to share your contributions with us. You won't be alone — all four of us (Enoc, Estrella, Liz, and Ta) will be there with you (virtually)!

  • How do I do the workshop with my hybrid/remote team?

    There are two (2) ways...

    The 1st way is for all the people in your remote/hybrid team to complete the workshop asynchronously on their own schedules and at their own paces. Then, afterwards, schedule a time to gather everyone together virtually or in-person to discuss their experiences.

    The 2nd way is for a person from your team to screen-share the workshop during a group video call.

    That person will be the "emcee". They:
    A/ Schedule the workshop, invite your team, and include the list of needed supplies in the invitation.
    B/ Send a reminder the day before about the arts-and-crafts supplies needed for the workshop.
    C/ Prepare Zoom (or your preferred video conference platform) ahead of time for screen+audio sharing, breakout rooms, polling, and chat prompts.

    We provide an Emcee Guide for those who want more details about these tasks. We even wrote the invitation, reminder email, polls, and chats — just copy and paste!

    Alternatively, if you'd prefer to have a Smith Assembler emcee your workshop, contact us through www.smithassembly.com to purchase and schedule one of our live-facilitated workshops.

  • How do I do the workshop with my in-person team?

    There are two (2) ways...

    The 1st way is for all the people in your remote/hybrid team to complete the workshop asynchronously on their own schedules and at their own paces. Then, afterwards, schedule a time to gather everyone together virtually or in-person to discuss their experiences.

    The 2nd way is to project the workshop someplace where you can all comfortably gather together (like you would for any meeting that included a video+audio presentation).

  • Are you sure I can do the workshop with a large team?

    Definitely. Though whoever serves as your team's "emcee" needs to be a skilled meeting facilitator (who's also, if you're doing it via a video conference call, adept in Zoom or your preferred platform).

    For large teams, it's critical to prepare supplies and such ahead of time (including, if you're doing it via a video conference call, screen+audio sharing, breakout rooms, polling, and chat prompts). Larger groups should give themselves extra time to do the workshop, perhaps as much as 3 - 4.5 hours. Depending on the size and boisterousness of your team, we also recommend having two or three people jointly serve as "emcee" (especially if you're doing it via a video conference call, so that one person shares their screen+audio and taps the workshop's buttons, while the other(s) manage the chat, polls, and breakout rooms).

    If you'd like more tips, or would prefer to have a Smith Assembler live-facilitate your workshop, contact us through www.smithassembly.com.

  • How long will I be able to access the workshop?

    Your purchase gives you 90 days of access to the workshop. If you need an extension, get in touch with us via email.

During Your Workshop

  • What's a customization moment?

    We invite you to customize your experience by choosing your own adventure at three key moments in the workshop (Icebreaker, Hands-On Activity, and Reflection). Our virtual-facilitator will describe the options via a pre-recorded video. Then, you'll be given an opportunity to select whichever one sounds most appealing.

  • How do I experience the workshop again from the beginning?

    To clear Thinkific’s memory of a workshop having been partially or fully completed in the past, you must manually reset it by rewinding all its videos/presentations to the beginning and marking all its lessons as incomplete. We recommend doing this *before* your next group of participants joins you, so that their experience of the workshop flows uninterrupted from beginning to end.

    1/ Find the workshop on your Dashboard.
    2/ Click its “REPLAY” or “RESUME” link.
    3/ In the left column, click on the first lesson, then rewind its video or presentation to the beginning (if it has one) and click its “MARK INCOMPLETE” button. You should see the circle next to that lesson change from a solid teal color with a check to an empty outline.
    4/ Repeat Step 3 with each and every lesson in the workshop until all content and lessons have been reset.

    When you're done... all the circles to the left of section/lesson titles will show an outline (not be filled in with solid teal), all the summaries to the right of section titles will say "0/#", and the progress bar at the top-left will say "0% complete".

After Your Workshop

  • For which organizations can I earn continuing professional development credit?

    Smith Assembly is recognized by • American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB) RACE® to provide 2.5 Hours of Non-Medical Continuing Education (CE) Credit in jurisdictions that recognize RACE approval; • Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC) to provide 0.25 Continuing Education Units (CEU) or 2.5 Professional Development Hours (PDH); • Human Resource Professionals Association (HRPA) to offer 2.5 Category A Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Hours; • Law Society of British Columbia (LSBC) to provide 2.5 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Credits in Ethics & Professional Responsibility; and • Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) to offer 2.5 Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP®.

  • When will I receive my digital credential (credit, certificate, and/or badge)?

    Credit, Certificate, and/ Badge is optional.

    If you'd like a digital credential from Smith Assembly, request it during your workshop's closing via the provided form. To qualify, you must have...
    • Invested At Least 2.5 Hours Of Learning
    • Completed Hands-On Activity Quiz
    • Shared 1 Hands-On Activity Photo Or Anecdote
    • Completed JEDI Quiz
    • Completed Workplace Integration Quiz
    • Submitted 3 JEDI Reflection Summaries
    • Scored 70+% On Final Exam

    The digital certificate will be emailed to you once your participation and workshop completion has been verified (in approximately 1-5 business days).

  • How can I learn more about Enoc and/or Estrella?

    We've shared a lot of information on our blog about who our Global Innovators are as people and the incredible work they do. A great way to learn more is by starting with Meet Enoc Ramírez and/or Meet Estrella Soto.

  • How impactful are donations to OAXIN?

    Every year, Estrella (Co-Director of OAXIN) tells us how our donations supported their initiatives. All that goodness wouldn't have happened without clients like you, so thanks for participating in our workshop! Check out our 2021 Impact Report and 2020 Impact Report for more details.

  • That was cool! Can I share it with my partner/kid/friend/team?

    Yay — we're thrilled you loved our workshop and want to share it! We'd be super grateful for a testimonial and your recommendation to others. <3

    We're on most of the social channels as @SmithAssembly and invite you to share your creation(s) and workshop experience(s) with the world via #SmithAssemblyOAX.

    Feel free to share the icebreaker, hands-on activity, and reflection with your partner(s) and/or kid(s).

    Please encourage your friends and team(s) to purchase the workshop for however many folks they plan to include. Contact us if you or they would like to chat about pricing. We offer a sliding scale to ensure that our workshops and consulting services are financially accessible. In the future, we may also have a referral and/or affiliate program.

Smith Assembly

  • Do you offer other workshops?

    Yes — we also offer live-facilitated workshops (both online and in-person). To learn more about all our inclusion training and team building workshops, check out www.smithassembly.com/workshops.

  • What else do you do?

    The short answer is... consulting services.

    Smith Assembly helps purpose-driven organizations harness the art and science of human-centered innovation to create more successful + impactful products and programs.

    While you might think that our work is solely focused on improving our clients’ offerings, that’s not the case. The value of our approach is in centering the people who create, use, and are affected by that product or program, teaching your team how to evolve their design processes to be more participatory and co-creative. The result is organizations that can exceed the bounds to deliver exceptional products and programs for their stakeholders and humanity.

    Learn more at www.smithassembly.com/consulting-services and www.smithassembly.com/case-studies.